it was colder than last week, so I didn’t do much…

Got a little less sleep than normal, due to the tornado warning that turned into just a windy day.

Went to my doctor’s appointment, made sure I had a referral for my other doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

Five Guys and UberEats

Wanted to get something special for the day, so I wound up ordering from Five Guys via UberEats

Tracking was easy (like Uber, you get driver info and real time location data), and you tipped and rated just like you would for a ride.

The burger was awesome (as always), and the regular order of fries is enough for anyone.

one day more…

I can’t believe I’ve only one more day of vacation left - I wonder how things would be if I ever took 2 weeks of vacation.

I’m not sure… and anyway I return to work in 2 days, with all the backlog that comes with my return.