• That's A Good Idea

    We put a lot of pressure on the idea to be perfect because it distracts us from the reality that the hundred steps after the idea are going to make all the difference.

    Nearly every organization you can point to is built around an idea that wasn’t original or perfect.

    The effort and investment and evolution made the difference.

  • Varrick's guide to life - Dragon Age

    In that story of yours—the fisherman watching the stars, dying alone—you thought he gave up right?

    But he went on living. He lost everyone, but he still got up every morning. He made a life, even if it was alone.

    That’s the world. Everything you build, it tears down. Everything you’ve got, it takes—and it’s gone forever. The only choices you get are to lie down and die or keep going.

    He kept going. That’s as close to beating the world as anyone gets.

  • Now is not always

    haven’t posted in a while..

  • time of the beginning

    The time of the beginning,


  • Missed Call


  • Looking back 2 years ago

    It was above my pay grade, but I had the points…

  • An uneventful birthday

    it was colder than last week, so I didn’t do much…

  • A listening device

    via Seth’s Blog

  • A hierarchy of business to business needs

    If you’re selling a product or service to a business–to a non-owner–consider this hierarchy, from primary needs on down:

    • Avoiding risk
    • Avoiding hassle
    • Gaining praise
    • Gaining power
    • Having fun
    • Making a profit

    In most large organizations, nothing happens unless at least one of these needs are met, and in just about every organization big enough and profitable enough to buy from you, the order of needs starts with the first one and works its way down the list.

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